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Complete Transparency in 2011

Posted in My Thoughts... with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 10, 2011 by andrealidesigns

As we roll into the new year I have come to realize that many industries specifically fashion are in need of a restructuring in their business models. We are living in a world that is rapidly changing due to mobile capabilities with smartphones, mcommerce, millienial technologies, mobile marketing campaigns, consumer engagement on social media platforms and much more.  In all my recent research to educate myself on such trends to launch my own new business concepts meant to dove tail off my jewelry design I have found that the rabbit hole goes much further that I could have ever imagined. In fact that hole becomes deeper everyday. The rate of which information is pouring in on a daily basis with the dozen blogs I subscribe to along with the links off the articles themselves is tailspinning me into a world of technology that one can easily become overwhelmed by. Figuring out how to cut through the subterfuge of irrelevant information to find the information that is relevant and how it pertains to your specific industry. Then learning how to apply such tactics so that there is a visible  return on the usage is an art form that takes time. An art form that I am currently a student of. After all the mobile marketing campaign the Coca-cola launches would not apply to an independent designer whom does not have the type of brand recognition the corporate giant carries with it. So how can small independent design houses take advantage of all the technology and marketing tactics associated with them?

Welcome to the new format of my blog. As I find what trends, technologies and tactics can be utilized in a way that makes sense to the independent designer I will be posting my findings on this blog in efforts to help educate my community of designers to make their own brand successful in the new millennial consumer era we all suddenly find ourselves in. Like many of you who did not grow up with the internet the base line of savvy in such trends is limited at best however I aim to change the perception of accessibility to this new revolution of mobile marketing by pursuing the informational gateway that will important in the continuum of success in this new era.

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