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Strength in Numbers

Posted in My Thoughts... with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on April 22, 2010 by andrealidesigns

Whether it is the number of hours spent creating or how many finished pieces I have in inventory I can’t help but to think of how the theory of strength in numbers applies into the daily human experience. This thinking seems to have the ability to play into almost every facet of our existence. We apply it in many ways. We heal a heart by the number of tears and hours that pass. We gain self confidence by the number of pounds lost. We gain control by the number of days that pass of sobriety. We get strong by the number of miles ran.

Our investment of time spent in our family, friends, careers and ourselves is a direct reflection of strength in numbers. We conscientiously acknowledge this most of the time and are active in the application. Other times we seem to more subtly modify our behavior to achieve similar results perhaps even on a more sub conscience level. Conscience or not it is important for myself to be fully cognizant of the quality of the investment itself.

I have to remind myself that while it might be great to sell many pieces, receive tons of accolades, be frequently covered by the press none of these can be relied upon when you need a friend at three in the morning or when you need support to help you through when your world collapses. For me it is a matter of prioritizing and revisiting the matter frequently to accommodate the shifts that are always occurring. I also have to allow myself a margin of error with the knowledge that inevitably I will pursue counterproductive investments. So what is it that I will consistently dedicate myself to today? Well I can tell you this….I just want to make better choices.