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Actions Dictated By Beliefs

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I recently received an email in regards to an earlier posting “Conquer your mind Conquer the World”. The reader wanted to further explore the idea of understanding our own choices and the limitations that keep us from reaching our potential. They were fascinated by how “humans blindly accept reality by sitting back and letting the world give them what it wants while not doing anything to change it.” In effort to push the conversation further they offered this question to me; “Why is it that we let our circumstances create our reality and destiny and where did we learn this from?”

So as a follow up I will attempt to answer the question in my opinion. I believe our circumstances can have a paralyzing effect on our perceived ability to affect the outcome. Our perceptions of our abilities to render change in the thought progression that leads to choice becomes our reality. An alcohol or drug addict might truly believe that the choice to use has been taken out of the equation when really the choice is still there. Their reality is an impaired ability to govern their own choices. Effectively eradicating choice form the list of possible reactions to their circumstance. These belief systems that we set for ourselves can keep us in a passive state.

My theory on the second half of the question considers both internal and external influences. I think our pattens are learned partially from how we biologically react to circumstantial stimuli and partially from what society teaches us through our experiences. Both impress heavily on our resulting realities. Essentially we become and behave who we believe we are.

Gaining mastery of our choices is truly identifying who exactly we are. A self who transcends any external and internal expectations that are limiting. To be supremely aware of our daily choices taking in consideration how those choices not only affect ourselves but those around us. In keeping this ideal as a standard in our process of reaction to our circumstance can open us to change and allow for us to reach our potential.


Conquer your mind conquer the world

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1: to gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition

Simple instruction. Difficult execution. If only to win the battle that takes place between our two ears what kind of possibilities would this open up to us as a result? A mind not plagued by doubt, fear or any emotion that becomes an opposing force in our potential. To precede circumstance by controlling our thoughts can vastly alter our perspective on reality. Just because you feel something does that transcend the ordinary limits of what is real?

Being constantly mindful of all our thoughts calls for a consistent meditative state that is only prone to languish with the amount of effort it would require to maintain. So how can we impact the process of reaction to ourselves as we relate to the world? Is it our individual faculties that place limitations on these abilities or is it simply a choice?

For me I find it all comes down to choice and an understanding of that which limits us. Whether it is in the mind or in circumstance. I see patterns in my own thinking that prevent progress. For instance I often overvalue the concept of fairness. A mistake that perpetuates problems but does nothing to solve them but create a nonproductive state of “why?”

It is only when I make the mental shift from victim to fighter that I become empowered to manifest the outcome of any situation. Taking such responsiblity of my destiny by putting the power in my choices rather than my ciurcumstances not only simplifies the process but puts control back where it belongs. In the drivers seat with a destination of my choice.