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Wholly Broken

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Over this last weekend the agate on one of my favorite pieces to wear broke in half. As I realized this the loss of the situation hit me with a recognition in how the brokenness seemed to imitate certain circumstances in my life. My thought process could have stopped there but instead I began to perceive the significance in a different manner. I knew that despite my sadness of having to retire one of my most beloved pieces that it would be replaced with something better and more evolved. It must have been almost three years ago when I created that particular piece and in that time thousands of hours have been spent honing my craft along with overcoming challenges. It then occurred to me that this perception could also be applied to our own personal evolution.

There have been a series of seemingly insurmountable challenges with a far reaching lineage of turmoil that has defined my past. What I am beginning to realize is these experiences are responsible for making me more whole than ever before. Broken pieces of ourselves that we set aside can be repurposed in a significant way. With the right alchemy of thoughtfulness and intent I can take what languished to transcend it to a higher purpose. Our weaknesses to become our strength.

This is a post that sat in my draft box and I am revisiting it because recently I have reintegrated the broken agate in reference to the earlier portion of this posting into my latest creation. To keep with the analogous nature of this discussion there are occurrences within the process worth mentioning. When the agate broke the original value allocated to the necklaces intended purpose had suddenly become irrelevant. As a result the necklace in it’s broken state sat in a drawer retired of it’s previous function. For many months it stayed there. Until recently.

Inspiration from newly acquired pieces of coral brought back from Bali by my dear friend Kir another jewelry designer of Kir Collection gave the catalyst to rework an older piece. Integrating new and old I finally found a place for my broken agate. Front and center of my latest piece it’s shape that was caused by the breakage emulated the form of the focal pendant so precisely as to cause a perfect nestling when placed inside the agate. The two broken sides of the agate flanking either side in serendipitous harmony. With this reintegration the broken agate not only had relevancy once more but sublates it’s original purpose to something more advanced then it’s first iteration.

It could be said then that it is a sum of all our parts and a willingness transcend that will epitomize our life. We engender our future by relying on experience and observation of our history then applying these to our present. It is the knowledge that everything we thought had gone to waste will eventually fall into place.


And from the beginning

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Welcome to my blog,

People use blogs for many different reasons and I have given some thought as to how I will utilize this blog. As an artist and a designer I realize that it is through our history of choices in our careers as in life that define our progress. So it is here in this forum that I have decided to chronicle my pitfalls, successes , and everything in between. A designers diary so to speak. If for no other reason but to keep myself accountable to my efforts and to record my own personal path to learn from.

In today’s post I will embed a link to a recent interview I completed with another blogger. The interview will get you up to speed in cliff note version of what it is that I have been up to in the last ten years. This opportunity came to me through an initial social media contact from Facebook whom has now become a respected colleague and friend. Her name is Lynne Bruning. Her textile and design work are some of the best I have seen.

As a designer it is important to have visibility within your community. While social media is an incredible tool it is just that. The real relationships come from human interaction and the infrastructure of support that these relationships will provide are foundational to your cause. Also having others around you who are experiencing the same challenges can broaden the sounding board of solutions and provide the occasional shoulder to cry on when frustration gets the better of you.

Link Here to interview.