303 Magazine Fourth Annual Hair Show presented by schomp BMW

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Schomp BMW presents

303 Magazine’s Fourth Annual Hair Show

& Style Masters Presentation

…When: Saturday, October 9, 2010. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Location: Exdo Event Center, 1399 35th Street, Denver.

(Corner of 35th & Walnut Streets)


• A beauty and fashion extravaganza featuring cutting-edge stylists from Denver’s most exclusive salons including Antoine Du Chez, Berenices,

El Salon, Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, Juno Salon, The Parlour, Planet Laboratories, Montana Salon and Rebelle by Tootsies.

• An audience-interactive runway presentation, produced by Autumn Binion withAu79 Productions, that rivals the catwalks of international fashion houses.

• A grand finale Style Masters Presentation, sponsored by REVLON Professional, featuring North American Hairstyling Awards finalists: Master Stylist Charlie Price & Makeup Artist of the Year Katelyn Simkins.

Tickets: $15/presale at http://www.303Magazine.com; $25/door;

and $50/VIP front-row seating at http://www.303Magazine.com

Beneficiary: Proceeds equaling 20% of ticket sales will benefit The Center (The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Colorado).

Sponsors: Schomp BMW, REVLON Professional, S.A. Elite & Colorful Kitty.

Hair show after party at 303 | AGENCY 940 Lincoln street


Upcoming Trunk Show

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Stop by, drink some wine and score something fabulous for yourself or someone special at Starfish in Boulder on August 20th!

5280 Magazine’s Top of the Town

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As the confluence of fate and hard work would have it my first mentionable accolade can be recently found within the pages of the latest 5280 magazine’s Top of the town July issue. This recognition is a reflection of many years of hard work during which there was very little quantifiable progress as compared to effort. A validating shift indeed as I continue my journey to achieving my dreams.

I am energized by the current momentum and have many people to thank who have always believed in my artistic intent. I am supported by a wonderful community whose encouragement has had an unprecedented impact on me as an individual and as an artist.

It can be said that luck is qualified by the outcome of when preparation meets opportunity. If this is the case then expect that I will be holding my work ethic to an even stricter standard to rewrite my current par of expectations. Thank you to all the editors of 5280 magazine for helping to keep the dream alive and allowing me to share my passion with the great city of Denver.

Counter Intelligence to the Heart

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As the story of our lives is being written through our memories we are presented with the opportunity for reflection. Often the dialogue regarding this reflection remains internal but sometimes we get the chance to articulate them. Through the translation from our thoughts to words I find that my resulting philosophies of my experiences become more in focus. It sharpens my understanding of them and makes them more real.

I recently have been engaged in a conversation of intellectual ping pong with one of my readers. The latest inquisition posed to me goes as follows; is the heart able to consciously think and is the mind able to consciously love?

I believe the heart is like a child in the sense that it feels without consequence and it is our mind that takes responsibility for deductive reasoning in regards to the hearts musings. I do not believe that the heart is able to consciously able to think but I do believe that the mind is able to consciously love.

Each one is a separate half of an equation that makes a whole. Each one playing a different but equally important role as we discover what we value in life from relationships to accomplishments. Both are inextricably linked to the process as it evolves and unfolds. In a sense our hearts represent our folly and our mind our wisdom. Logic stands alone from inadvisability and could not coexist as the same entity however both could when applied to reason. Just as an adult would need to lend sense to a child’s senselessness so does the mind for the heart.

The real significance as we grow into ourselves is learning how to temper the two elements. Our hearts guide our reckless passions and desires while our minds tend to reign them in. Wisdom always follows folly. We gain knowledge because of our hearts. Thoughtful reasoning when we follow our pursuits will keep our actions from a reckless outcome and help us reach our potential.

I would not necessarily advise to follow one’s heart as it is tied so closely with foolishness but understand the relational dynamic it has to contributing an experiential richness to our existence. The directional effect it has on the decisions of our path is invaluable. Like our hearts determining a dstination our minds can play the role of a compass so that we may not become lost along the journey.

As for the latter it all boils down to our experiences and how we choose to respond to them. This phenomenon can only be explained by what we decide is most beneficial to our survival whether it be emotional or otherwise. An acute awareness to our circumstance as it affects our wellbeing. As I believe it is a both an involuntary and voluntary choice to love it is therefore possible for the mind to consciously love. Indeed it seems to be a paradox on the surface but remember it is in the context of reason. The effect brings the heart and mind in full circle. Essentially becoming the ying and yang of the other. Existing only because the other exists.

A Giant For Emerging Designers Falls

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We are being defined by the times. New standards are being written, different precedents are being set, and the courses of how businesses experience growth are changing. The most noticeable sign of transformation is the consistent depletion of resources available to designers specifically those who are emerging. Presenting even more challenges for those engaged in the obstacle towards success during this tough economic climate.

Gen Art a giant in the fashion industry who specialized in providing a platform of exposure for upcoming designers recently shut down operations indefinitely. Limiting once more the number of organizations the could provide a designer with national recognition due to the prestige and capability to launch careers.

So what is next? In Gen Art’s press release regarding their subsequent ending they mentioned the need for the next generation of artistic talent but what about the need for the next generation of organizations such as Gen Art? Is the corporate decision’s to dissolve it’s partnership with them an indication of the relevancy of those types of organizations?

The obvious fallout of these types of decisions is the direct impact it has on the emerging designer and the need to increase networking efforts within our respected cities and beyond. By creating a compounding interest effect within an industry community every one’s profiles would be raised with the benefit of increased exposure to participating networks. This phenomenon has been seen over and over in our social networks online and in business communities across the board. It is a proven grass roots method to raise awareness and to identify markets. In essence independent designers need to embrace the DIY generation way of getting things done while tapping into the broad spectrum of resources available in both our regional and national communities.

Most importantly it is imperative to understand that we are not alone and that the plight of the independent designer is shared by many. However it is the future of the fashion industry that is in our hands and will be written by our collective effort that can not only determine it’s fate but each individual as well. We are the architects of our own success now. Our involvement in this DIY movement is critical for shaping a future environment to help foster and define all of our successes.

Talent, talent everywhere

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About two years ago I found myself landing in the trenches of the Santa Fe Art District after a major life fallout. The kind of fallout that alters minds, changes path’s, brings you to your knees, humbles you then gives the strength and opportunity to make something better than before. I call it the ‘Burn Effect’. I never realized how much being taken to the brink could teach you about yourself and life. That said it can only be after an experience such as this to open the world up to you and bring new people into your orbit.

Today I find myself in the fortunate position of being surrounded by some of the most talented individuls I have had the honor to know. The creative energy astounds me. It ignites an excitement that in it’s pervasive nature seems to permeate and elevate the collective environment of which it was born from. It breathes as if it has a life of it’s own.

In this posting I have the pleasure of presenting to you a collaborative series created by my dear friend David Agee and of course yours truly. The images are abstract renderings utilizing my designs as the focal point. Hot off the press and the first time published anywhere. As my readers you will have seen it here first. David does sell beautiful high resolution limited edition prints of any of the following images for anyone who might be interested in purchasing. Enjoy!

More Trunk Show Images

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The trunk show was hosted at a killer gallery space in the Rhino Art’s District called Lisa Kowalski Gallery. At the time of the show Lisa had just landed a contract with a hotel in Singapore for 800 paintings! In addition to creating great works of art she also rents out her fabulous space to various groups for shows and events. Here are some images taken by Pixel Squared Studios that capture the space and the magic created by many hours of hard work. Included is a pic of Denver’s own Super Star DJ Ginger Perry who we were fortunate to have spin some sick set’s adding to the vibe of the evening.