About Me and this Blog

Life is complicated and never ceases to challenge. This is my story. I am an artist by choice and a human by default. My postings are meant to explore what it is to be both. Stripped down and honest. As I traverse the uncertainty of my professional and personal paths I hope to have insightful experiences I can share. My plight is not unique as every human struggles with the same basic principles and desires that cause us to suffer often at our own hand. Trying to rectify it all is a life long study. Sharing mine is a way for me to plug into a world full of others facing the same questions and searching to find answers. Our problems can have an isolating effect and can cause us to forget that we are all part of the human experience. We have all loved and lost. Faced challenges and overcome. Witnessed the best and worst of mankind. We are bound by our ability to choose and it is through our suffering that we can become great. So it is through this forum that I will be as open and unintentionally profound as life allows. Thanks for being part of my experiment.


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