Counter Intelligence to the Heart

As the story of our lives is being written through our memories we are presented with the opportunity for reflection. Often the dialogue regarding this reflection remains internal but sometimes we get the chance to articulate them. Through the translation from our thoughts to words I find that my resulting philosophies of my experiences become more in focus. It sharpens my understanding of them and makes them more real.

I recently have been engaged in a conversation of intellectual ping pong with one of my readers. The latest inquisition posed to me goes as follows; is the heart able to consciously think and is the mind able to consciously love?

I believe the heart is like a child in the sense that it feels without consequence and it is our mind that takes responsibility for deductive reasoning in regards to the hearts musings. I do not believe that the heart is able to consciously able to think but I do believe that the mind is able to consciously love.

Each one is a separate half of an equation that makes a whole. Each one playing a different but equally important role as we discover what we value in life from relationships to accomplishments. Both are inextricably linked to the process as it evolves and unfolds. In a sense our hearts represent our folly and our mind our wisdom. Logic stands alone from inadvisability and could not coexist as the same entity however both could when applied to reason. Just as an adult would need to lend sense to a child’s senselessness so does the mind for the heart.

The real significance as we grow into ourselves is learning how to temper the two elements. Our hearts guide our reckless passions and desires while our minds tend to reign them in. Wisdom always follows folly. We gain knowledge because of our hearts. Thoughtful reasoning when we follow our pursuits will keep our actions from a reckless outcome and help us reach our potential.

I would not necessarily advise to follow one’s heart as it is tied so closely with foolishness but understand the relational dynamic it has to contributing an experiential richness to our existence. The directional effect it has on the decisions of our path is invaluable. Like our hearts determining a dstination our minds can play the role of a compass so that we may not become lost along the journey.

As for the latter it all boils down to our experiences and how we choose to respond to them. This phenomenon can only be explained by what we decide is most beneficial to our survival whether it be emotional or otherwise. An acute awareness to our circumstance as it affects our wellbeing. As I believe it is a both an involuntary and voluntary choice to love it is therefore possible for the mind to consciously love. Indeed it seems to be a paradox on the surface but remember it is in the context of reason. The effect brings the heart and mind in full circle. Essentially becoming the ying and yang of the other. Existing only because the other exists.

One Response to “Counter Intelligence to the Heart”

  1. Hmmm. I wonder if we might give our mind too much power in this mind/heart equation. I’m reminded of a Sheryl Crow song telling us to get out of our head and into our heart. Isn’t it precisely why we don’t move into new levels of life when we allow our mind to keep us in “check?”

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