A Giant For Emerging Designers Falls

We are being defined by the times. New standards are being written, different precedents are being set, and the courses of how businesses experience growth are changing. The most noticeable sign of transformation is the consistent depletion of resources available to designers specifically those who are emerging. Presenting even more challenges for those engaged in the obstacle towards success during this tough economic climate.

Gen Art a giant in the fashion industry who specialized in providing a platform of exposure for upcoming designers recently shut down operations indefinitely. Limiting once more the number of organizations the could provide a designer with national recognition due to the prestige and capability to launch careers.

So what is next? In Gen Art’s press release regarding their subsequent ending they mentioned the need for the next generation of artistic talent but what about the need for the next generation of organizations such as Gen Art? Is the corporate decision’s to dissolve it’s partnership with them an indication of the relevancy of those types of organizations?

The obvious fallout of these types of decisions is the direct impact it has on the emerging designer and the need to increase networking efforts within our respected cities and beyond. By creating a compounding interest effect within an industry community every one’s profiles would be raised with the benefit of increased exposure to participating networks. This phenomenon has been seen over and over in our social networks online and in business communities across the board. It is a proven grass roots method to raise awareness and to identify markets. In essence independent designers need to embrace the DIY generation way of getting things done while tapping into the broad spectrum of resources available in both our regional and national communities.

Most importantly it is imperative to understand that we are not alone and that the plight of the independent designer is shared by many. However it is the future of the fashion industry that is in our hands and will be written by our collective effort that can not only determine it’s fate but each individual as well. We are the architects of our own success now. Our involvement in this DIY movement is critical for shaping a future environment to help foster and define all of our successes.


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