Talent, talent everywhere

About two years ago I found myself landing in the trenches of the Santa Fe Art District after a major life fallout. The kind of fallout that alters minds, changes path’s, brings you to your knees, humbles you then gives the strength and opportunity to make something better than before. I call it the ‘Burn Effect’. I never realized how much being taken to the brink could teach you about yourself and life. That said it can only be after an experience such as this to open the world up to you and bring new people into your orbit.

Today I find myself in the fortunate position of being surrounded by some of the most talented individuls I have had the honor to know. The creative energy astounds me. It ignites an excitement that in it’s pervasive nature seems to permeate and elevate the collective environment of which it was born from. It breathes as if it has a life of it’s own.

In this posting I have the pleasure of presenting to you a collaborative series created by my dear friend David Agee and of course yours truly. The images are abstract renderings utilizing my designs as the focal point. Hot off the press and the first time published anywhere. As my readers you will have seen it here first. David does sell beautiful high resolution limited edition prints of any of the following images for anyone who might be interested in purchasing. Enjoy!


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