And from the beginning

Welcome to my blog,

People use blogs for many different reasons and I have given some thought as to how I will utilize this blog. As an artist and a designer I realize that it is through our history of choices in our careers as in life that define our progress. So it is here in this forum that I have decided to chronicle my pitfalls, successes , and everything in between. A designers diary so to speak. If for no other reason but to keep myself accountable to my efforts and to record my own personal path to learn from.

In today’s post I will embed a link to a recent interview I completed with another blogger. The interview will get you up to speed in cliff note version of what it is that I have been up to in the last ten years. This opportunity came to me through an initial social media contact from Facebook whom has now become a respected colleague and friend. Her name is Lynne Bruning. Her textile and design work are some of the best I have seen.

As a designer it is important to have visibility within your community. While social media is an incredible tool it is just that. The real relationships come from human interaction and the infrastructure of support that these relationships will provide are foundational to your cause. Also having others around you who are experiencing the same challenges can broaden the sounding board of solutions and provide the occasional shoulder to cry on when frustration gets the better of you.

Link Here to interview.


6 Responses to “And from the beginning”

  1. Barbara Keffer Says:

    Great interview, Andrea. Keep up the perseverance and hard work. It will be rewarding. Much love…..M

  2. Barbara Keffer Says:

    PS….you didn’t mention your REAL start…….Friendly Plastic!

  3. c3p0fan1 Says:

    Dreya! way to go on setting up the blog. I think this was an excellent first post, and I am excited to read the ones to follow. Keep it up!

  4. I wish you the best on your journey. I am continaully amazed each day that I get to know you Andrea, and am in awe f the creativity, passion and dedication which you possess. You are, by my definition, a success in your own right. It is inspiring to see someone as yourself not let excuses become the reason for giving up, and to witness your resolve is invigorating. To a certain extent, we all experience these growing pains as we reach for our perceived destinies, and to witness that of another and to see what they have to go through, make the insumountable all of a sudden seem feasible. Yes, as we all stumblle, fall, pick ourselves up, succeeed, overcome, and over-achieve, we as friends and even strangers will continue to support, encourage, and even inspire one another. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  5. Thanks Andrea.
    Much respect and praise for you and your creations!

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